Active for Health

Active For Health - Cardiac and Heart Failure Exercise Programme


What is Active For Health?

The Active for Health Programme is a 12 week physical activity funded scheme by Sport England and Rotherham Bourough Council. It offers a variety of exercise routes for people living with chronic long terms conditions.

Here at Places for People we offer a specialist 12 week cardiac programme and an additional course specifically for people living with heart failure to improve strength, symptoms, mental health,self confidence and promote the reduction of risk factors of further cardiac events such as heart attacks.

The 60 minute group exercise session mixes cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises designed to consider your cardiac condition whilst delivering health and fitness benefits. We use a variety of equipment and methods to ensure you enjoy your workout and allow you to increase your independence and confidence for everyday activities.

All sessions are supervised by experienced BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Failure  instructors within our fitness studios and allows each individual to work at your own pace and ability.

Don’t worry if you are starting exercise for the first time or have a low capacity. We’ll support you to work toward building up to the full 60 minutes.

We aim to increase your physical activity levels and where appropriate signpost you onto ongoing activities within our leisure centre such as swimming and gym as well as a follow on class if you’d like to keep going with your exercises.

Following each class you’ll receive a free cup of tea or coffee and a chance to relax and socialise.

Who is Eligible?

  • The programme is open to anyone over the aged of 16 years who:
  • Has had a previous heart attack or stroke
  • Lives with Angina, Cardiac Heart Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Ischemic      Heart Disease, Arrhythmias
  • Living with Heart failure
  • Had cardiac surgery including, Coronary bypass, angiogram, angioplasty, stents
  • You  must live in Rotherham or be registered with a Rotherham GP

Referrals will be assessed by the cardiac instructors to ensure you are suitable to start exercise. Please note that you must be at least 6 month since your cardiac event or surgery to ensure the healing process is complete.

The benefits of being active INCLUDE:

• Helps heart heath and symptoms
• Helps to improve blood pressure
• Helps to prevent or control diabetes and high cholesterol
• Helps to maintain a healthy weight
• Helps to relieve stress,anxiety, and depression
• Helps to improve joint mobility.... ......and many more benefits too!

Upon receiving your referral your referral officer will arrange a 1-1 consultation where you will :

  • Meet your specialist instructor and discuss your personal needs towards starting an active lifestyle
  • Identify your requirements around your medical conditions and medications
  • Take week 1 measurements  to show improvements whilst on the scheme
  • Explain what the exercise sessions consist of and how it will be adapted to suit      you
  • Create goals around your personal needs
  • Write a personal programme of activities suitable for your needs
  • A  chance to discuss any worries or ask any questions with our health      professional regarding starting exercise.

Patients receive free 1-1 support with their specialist instructor and a  review appointment at 12 weeks.

Benefits of the Programme:

The Scheme is for 12 weeks and participants will be able to exercise at the centre at a reduced rate throughout the 12 week period.

  • 12 week personalised programme of Physical Activity
  • Support by fully qualified BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Instructors
  • Free access to specialist classes designed to generate heart health benefits
  • Free tea or coffee after each class

How to get referred to the Active For Health?

Your GP or Health Professional will need to refer you to the scheme if you have a had a cardiac event surgery or live with a cardiac condition so we can safely exercise around your medication and current health status.

To arrange a referral please call 01709 722567 where our cardiac team will guide you how to get a referral.

What happens at the end of the 12 weeks
Once the 12 weeks have been completed you will be re-assessed and assisted in choosing a regular activity which could include one of our follow on classes so that you will continue to gain positive results.

Hear from those who have benefited from the scheme...

"I feel stronger and more confident in my ability within the cardiac class since joining the programme I would encourage anyone who wants to exercise to get referred".  Chris Lunt

What to do next

If you have one of the above conditions and feel the Active For Health will be of benefit to you, please contact the cardiac team on 01709 722567


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