Learn some new skills and play some exciting sports on our courses

A range of sports courses are available for active little bodies..




GYMNASTICS. Teaching your children the ABCs of sport.

That’s agility, balance and coordination, in case you’re wondering! These skills are essential to all physical activities. So whatever activities your children take up later in life, from dance to rugby, they’ll be fitter, faster, stronger and more coordinated than non-gymnasts.

That’s because gymnastics involves lots of activities children love, from bouncing on trampolines to turning cartwheels, performing somersaults and finding other fun ways of moving. With lots of team activities, it’s also a great way to build new friendships. But of course, while they’re having fun, your children are also learning how to move with skill and confidence.

If your children have any specific physical requirements, our fully qualified and accredited coaches can also adapt the activities to suit them.

Awards schemes and badges

Rewards are a great way to motivate and recognise effort. So there are lots of proficiency awards at every level in gymnastics. Each time your child earns one, there’s an option to buy a badge to wear with pride or a certificate to hang on their bedroom wall.

A Complete Beginners Gymnastic Class Leading On To A Level 1 Class Feb 17. This Basic Introduction To Gymnastics, Working On Basic Skills, Posture And Finishing.



Every Thursday starting 3rd November.

16.00pm - 16.50pm

4 - 7 year olds

17.00pm - 17.50pm

7 - 11 year olds


These sessions are drop in and can be booked one at a time.

The cost of each session is:

Non member £6.00 

Member/More Card £5.00


To book your place please call 01932 260300



Following the British Gymnastics Award Schemes, our courses are suitable for beginners through to more advanced gymnasts, and cover ages from toddlers (3yrs) to adults. Sessions are available weekday afternoons. Children under 8yrs may need to be accompanied by an adult.


Our trampolining courses to have a comprehensive programme, allowing children of all abilities and ages to participate and progress through the award schemes. The instructor will be using the latest technology to update your child's development, in which you can check their progress online through our parents portal OnCourse, and choose suitable days and times (where applicable) as they progress through badges into new classes. 

To find out what class would best suit your child please contact the Junior Activities Co-ordinator on 01932 260312. 


1.30pm-2.15pm   Junior Beginner

2.15pm-3.00pm   Junior Beginner

4.00pm-4.55pm   Junior Beginner

5.00pm-5.55pm   Junior Beginner/Intermediate

6.00pm-6.55pm   Junior Intermediate/Advanced


4.00pm-4.55pm   Junior Beginner

7.00pm-8.25pm   Adult Development


3.45pm-4.30pm   Junior Beginner

4.30pm-5.25pm   Junior Beginner/Intermediate

5.30pm-6.25pm   Junior Intermediate

6.30pm-7.25pm   Junior Intermediate/Advanced

7.30pm-8.25pm   Junior Development


3.45pm-4.30pm   Junior Beginner

4.30pm-5.25pm   Junior Intermediate

5.30pm-6.25pm   Junior Intermediate/Advanced


Badminton (8-15yrs)

Junior Badminton Courses

For the best introduction to badminton or to work on honing your skills in the sport, then the courses at Xcel offer a great learning opportunity for children. The courses are taught by a qualified instructor and use England Badminton criteria to teach necessary skills and techniques.

Thursdays 6.00pm-7.00pm

Next Course: Thursday 15th September - 10th October


For more details or to book onto the next course please contact us on 01932 260312.

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