This girl can swim


Swimming is the perfect way to clear your head, wind down from a busy day and just so happens to be brilliant for your body. That’s why we’ve teamed up with This Girl Can.

Our female swim sessions have been designed to provide a relaxing environment where you can swim at your own pace, meet new people and get the most out of your swim for both your body and mind. Come by and give it a go!


We are providing all of this for the price of a swim and you don’t need to book:

  • Female support will be available on poolside including advice on technique
  • High powered hair dryers in the changing room
  • Music to listen to while you swim
  • Free tea and coffee in our dedicated social area to meet other women just like you
  • Use of SWIMTAG - plus you will gain Bounts points for money off local supermarkets, high street shops and more!!

How much does it cost ?


This Girl Can Swim SessionsStandard PriceSenior
Tuesday 2.40pm -3.40pm Thursday 9.30am - 10.30am £4.00 £2.90

Feel free to join after your session in our meeting area for a drink and a chat!

What equipment do you need?

  • A swimsuit /  shorts. You can also wear fitted tee-shirts and lycra based leggings in our pools.

  • A £1 coin or token for the locker
  • You may want to invest in goggles, a swim hat and ear plugs
  • Towel

 Why not meet some of our amazing girls across our centres? We hope you can become inspired by a few of their stories and see a bit of yourselves within them.

Just finished my second This Girl Can session at Ferndown Leisure Centre. I took my friend who was visiting. She had'nt been swimming for five years. She was made welcome and was signed up for swim tag so she can join in when staying with me. She has now regained her confidence to continue when she gets home.
Personally I can't thank the 2 Beckys enough for the one to one help given to improve my breast stroke and help me to learn backstroke. I have a back problem and this will now enable me to swim without aggreviating it. We finish up with refreshments and a chat with the opportunity to meet new friends and talk about our swimming experience.
It is great to go home and see the statistics of how I am improving in stamina each week. No one sees this information but me so I am only competing with myself.
Thank you Ferndown for giving me the opportunity be part of this fantastic programme, and all for the price of a normal swim.
Sylvia Morgan

As a non-swimmer, for 6 years I've been 'flapping about' doing various therapeutic post-surgery classes in the pool (always armed with my woggle!), and recently decided to join 'This Girl Can' to gain more confidence in the water.

After a while I left my trusted woggle behind, and used instead both the large and small buoyancy floats. At the fourth session I decided to discard the small floats, and with some determination I looked at the rail in the pool and just said to myself 'this girl CAN', and somehow managed two strokes towards the rail!  After that there was no stopping me, and with huge encouragement from Becky and Nicky I managed half a width before the session was over.

I now plan to build on this, but would just like to give huge thanks to Becky and Nicky for their help and encouragement. I am soo proud of my achievement, and all thanks to 'This Girl Can'.

With kind regards Margaret Griffiths

Simply click on the names to find out more about each individual:

Lisa Williams
Jo Strong
Vicky Atkinson
Hayley Mills
Freya Gee
Sheila Sheerwood

This Girl Can is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.

Join in the conversation using #ThisGirlCan

To find out more about This Girl Can Swim contact reception 01202 877468 for more details. To keep in touch with all the latest news and events from the centre, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.



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