Turn your children’s party into an exciting day to remember.  There’s no mess, no fuss and we entertain your children and their friends to ensure they have a fun party.

Active Adventure Party

For 0 - 4 years

Come and enjoy exclusive use of our soft play area and let your little ones run wild and have a great time. Enjoy a Birthday meal afterwards from your choice of our party menu. Maximum of 12 children

Prices start from £9.10 per head

Active Tots

For 2 - 6 years

Come and let your little monkeys go wild on our bouncy castle and soft play equipment, exclusive to your party only. Follow this up with a Birthday meal of your choice from the party menu. Minimum 10 children, maximum 25 children.

Prices start from £9.10 per head


Pool Party

For 2 - 8 years

Enjoy exclusive use of our Teaching Pool, with a variety of pool games and use of our toys and floats. Have a splashing good time (Ratio of 1 adult to 2 children needed). Minimum of 10 children, maximum of 25 children. Only cold food option available. Main pool available for hire at selected times if available.

Disco Party

4 - 15 years

Enjoy your very own Disco, for your special day. With exclusive use of one of our party rooms, enjoy party games and the traditional celebration from a disco party. Minimum 15 children, maximum 30 children.

This is a 2 Hour disco Party

Prices start from £160.00

Go-Kart Party

For 4-9

The Newest and most exciting children entertainment activity coming to Fleming Park

Our parties are designed to entertain all the children from start to finish,whether they are on or off the karts.

We can accommodate up to 25 children




Our children’s parties are a great alternative to the norm, so if you want to do something different for your son/daughter and give them a party to remember then let RAZORBALL provide them with a fun and exhilarating experience. Suitable for any age from 7 upwards.

Football Kickz

Give your child a Premiership winning football party. With a  mixture of fun warm up games, competitions and then a match to finish, your child will leave the pitch feeling like a superstar. We also have tailored party packages for those mini kickers who have just started playing the sport. Suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Mission Frenzy

The latest craze to arrive in town offers an exciting and exhilarating party experience. The children will step foot onto our pop up battlefield and go into action using our air blaster guns and foam darts. We offer a totally safe, fun and competitive experience which will keep the children talking for weeks after the party. Suitable for any age from 6 upwards.
02380 643898
07917 726120

Build a Buddy Parties

Parties last approx 2 hrs

Age 3+

Large selection of outfits  to pick from.

Contact Lynda for more details: 02380814116 or 07530750923




Party Information

All parties include a party tea with a cold menu

Standard and Deluxe party options available.

Appropriate clothing must be worn.

Cold Menu

·                     Cheese or Ham Roll

·                     Cocktail sausages

·                     Jelly Squeeze

·                     Crisps

·                     Chocolate Biscuits

·                     Cherry Tomatoes

·                     Fruit

·                     Ice Lolly


Drinks Supplied with Meals.

Please contact the Bookings Co-ordinator on 02380684806 or

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Contact Us

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Hampshire, SO50 9NL
Tel: 02380 684800
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