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If you'd like to become more active or start an active lifestyle and you live with a long term medical condition such as diabetes, mental health issues, arthritis, or struggle with your weight, ask you GP OR health professional to refer you to our Fit4Health Exercise Referral Scheme


Fit4Health also operates at our sister sites in Sheffield Thorncliffe Healtha and Leisure Centre and Wisewood Sports Centre

What is Fit4Health?

Fit4Health Exercise Referral Scheme is available to anyone aged 16 years and over who is inactive or has a longstanding medical condition, where an increase in exercise will be of great benefit to therir health and wellbeing. The scheme is run by a fully qualified Exercise Referral Instructor, to ensure that you are prescribed the right type of activity to benefit their health.

Upon receiving your referral your referral officer will arrange a 1-1 consultation where you will both :

  • Discuss your personal needs and wants towards starting an active lifestyle
  • Identify your requirements around your medical conditions and medications
  • Take week 1 measurements including blood pressure , weight ,heart rate to show improvements whilst on the scheme
  • Identify what exercise opportunities are  available at your local centre and are safe for you and assign discount card
  • Create goals around your personal needs
  • Write a personal programme of activities suitable for your needs
  • A chance to discuss any worries or ask any questions with our health professional regarding starting exercise.

Patients receive free 1-1 support with an exercise referral specialist instructor throughout their referral period with review appointment sat 6 and 12 weeks. You will be entitled to substantially reduced rates across our leisure facilities and across a variety of activities.

Benefits of the scheme:

The Scheme is for 12 weeks and participants will be able to exercise at the centre at a reduced rate throughout the 12 week period.

  • 12 week personalised programme of Physical Activity
  • Support by a fully quallified Exercise Referral Instructor
  • Access to discounted activities at Thorncliffe Health and Leisure Centre, Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre and Wisewood Sports Centre
  • Discount of 15% off all inclusive gym membership (Terms & Condtions apply).
How to get referred to the scheme?

Your GP or Health Professional will need to refer you to the scheme if you have a long term medical condition and are inactive.

Your GP or Health Professional will complete an Exercise Referral Form with you. Once we have recieve your form, you will be contacted to attend a consultation wth a fully qualified Exercise Referral Instructor who will support you during the 12 week programme.

What happens at the end of the 12 weeks?

Once the 12 weeks have been completed you will be re-assessed and assisted in choosing a regular activity that you will enjoy and continue to gain postive results from. Patients with a cardiac condition or history will be accepted at the centre where we have a fully qualified Cardiac Instructor.

Who is Eligible?

The Scheme is open to anyone over the aged of 16 years who has at least ONE of the following conditions:

• Hypertension (medicated) • Diabetes • Osteoarthritis and arthritis • Osteoporosis • Asthma • COPD • Depression • Fibromyalgia • Obesity

The benefits of being active INCLUDE: • Helps prevent heart disease • Helps to improve blood pressure • Helps to prevent or control diabetes • Helps to maintain a healthy weight • Helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression • Helps to improve joint mobility and many more benefits too!

Hear from those who have benefited from the scheme...

"It was so easy to be referred and my referral officer got me started with ease. I'm really enjoying it and all my exercise is based around my medical needs so I never feel too exhausted. I've noticed a difference in my flexibility general fitness and feeling less aches in my muscle than I used to". Linda Kendall, aged 65

"I really enjoy the GP referral class. I've noticed a big difference in my flexibility and I'm felling less breathless. Everyone is very friendly and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable". Jack Taylor, aged 64.

"I feel stronger and more confident in my ability withing the GP referral class since joining the referral scheme. I would encourage anyone who wants to exercise to get referred". Pete Owens, aged 52

Case study - Susan Case study - Pete Case Study - Linda Case Study - Rachel

What to do next

If you have one of the above conditions and feel the Exercise Referral Scheme will be of benefit to you, please contact the centre on 0114 283 9900, or alternatively, please download and print the Referral form and take along to your GP to complete.

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