Wiggling and Jiggling

Wiggle & Jiggle Music and Movement

Sessions have been specifically designed for children 18 months - 4 years as part of the company's new and exciting programme structure. Within the new framework, Wiggle & Jiggle lessons fit within the Physical Literacy & Sports Fundamentals category.

Wiggle & Jiggle is an interactive

Sessions will last for 45 minutes, parents and guardians are encouraged to join in and have fun; this parental involvement is essential in supporting the children's involvement and enhances the child's experience.

There are two age groups (flexibility within this to change age groups due to demand):


Cost: £21 for a 6 week course running from 12th January. - maximum 20 on each session

Runs every Friday at 12:30pm


Contact number for more information: 01276 417111

Lets get ready to Wiggle and Jiggle

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