Making the team

A bit about football

Football is enjoyed all over the world and at any age from young children to older adults.  It's a great way to let off steam, learn new tricks and enjoy being part of a team.  

Is a football pitch the place for you?

It's a good workout and improves your overall fitness, co-ordination and stamina.  Its a great game to enjoy with your friends.

Let's get you started

Book your pitch through the timetable below or try out our course.

4-7 year olds

Tuesday 6th June - Tuesday 25th July 5.30-6.30pm

We have partnered with 66 Coaching where children are taught to develop their sports skills through personalised training sessions that also improve overall performance, your game and promotes healthy living. The sessions are tailored and designed by the Head Coach for children of all levels so that they can enjoy a fun football session and also learn new skills at the same time.

Everything is taken into consideration from the correct warm up to movement, to games being played that focus on technique and team work. This will also help develop your children’s understanding of how fun football is as well as the different strategies that go with it in a friendly or competitive game.

As children are so active, why not put that energy to good use? By playing football, not only do they increase their circle of friends but they also learn how to work as part of a team and also how to make quick decisions.

Football and Places Locker

Places Locker is our app for all things active.  You earn MOVES for all the activity that you complete each week, build training programmes and book a pitch.  Did you know a one hour football game could earn you 1,417 MOVES.

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