Feel for fitness

Come and try our friendly class

The gym not your thing? Group exercise classes sound great, but seem a
little daunting? Then come and try our brand new class Feel for fitness.

If you are you looking to get into fitness but aren't quite sure where to start, look no
further than our Feel for Fitness sessions. Relaxed and friendly group exercise classes
especially for beginners or those who are looking to return to exercise after taking some time off.
Feel for Fitness sessions are a low impact, high energy workouts. You’ll do moves to get your heart pumping and exercises to tone and shape your whole body, all in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
Sometimes light weights are included, and every class is completed in intervals, meaning you have time to rest and recover in between exercises.

It’s one of the best ways to build fitness and strength, gradually at your own pace.
You'll train with our expert, but very approachable instructor who is there to support,
motivate and guide you in starting and maintaining your new active lifestyle.

Our group is here every Tuesday at 11.40 am – 12.25 pm ready to welcome you on board.
£3.00 pay as you go.
For any enquires or to book please contact reception on 01403 211311.