A Personal Trainers Guide to a New You

Top tips to beating your New Year fitness goals

A Personal Trainer's Guide to a New You

Make 2018 your year! Our personal trainers are here to help you start your fitness journey and achieve your resolutions. Follow these tips to start the New Year off right

1. Motivation is key

At the start of January breakdown what your specific goals are. For example, you might want to drop a dress size for a wedding in spring or maybe increase your stamina for the Sheffield Marathon.

Then set a timescale to your goals and work out what you can do daily, weekly and monthly. But be realistic with yourself!

2. Try fat-blast workouts

If you are wanting to lose weight in 2018 you should seriously consider HIIT training.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout technique that will help you push yourself with intense bursts of exercises followed by short recovery periods.

HIIT has many benefits from increasing your metabolism to burning more calories than normal workouts.

3. Join a boot camp or class

If you are new to working out, or just don’t know where to start - Join one of the many classes we have to offer. These are a great way to challenge your fitness & revamp your weekly workout routines. Classes will increase the calories you burn, and will help blast fat whilst toning your body with weight training.


Ready to start? To help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions talk to one of our PT’s and start beating your goals.

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