Brian Cox and Miranda Richardson star in this historical drama. A tick-clock thriller following Winston Churchill in the 96 hours before D-Day. The untold story of Britain's most celebrated leader, uncovering the true nature of Churchill's herculean war-time status and his vital relationship with Clementine - his backbone and total confidant...the love that inspired him to greatness.

  • Wednesday 15th November
  • 5.30pm and 8pm
  • Cert PG
  • Admission £6.00
  • Concession £5.00

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Emily is an American widow drifting through life without purpose and then she meets Donald. Who's lived in a shack on 'Hampstead' Heath for 17 years.

Initially gruff and reclusive, Donald gradually opens up to her and a tentative romance blossoms. When a property developer tries to evict him, so they can build luxury apartments on his land, he and Emily team up to try and save his home.

You can find love anywhere - even on 'Hampstead' Heath - with this charming comedy drama starring legends Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson.


  • Wednesday 13th December
  • 5.30pm and 8pm showings
  • Cert 12A
  • Admission £6.00
  • Concessions £5.00

To book call 01444 455440 or pop in.