Bye Bye Home, Hello Gym : Top tips for NOT avoiding your winter workout!

Fitness manager James McGovern talks about why December is the best time to join the gym!

Bye Bye Home, Hello Gym : Top tips for NOT avoiding your winter workout!

James McGovern - Fitness Manager at Dorking Sports Centre

The cold dark nights are here and Christmas is coming. Fewer people are attending the gym and opting instead for getting home earlier for some festive online shopping.

Before the work parties start and the kids break up, I thought now would be a good time to give you some tips on keeping those extra pounds from piling on over this time of year.

It’s actually quite amusing how many people avoid the gym in December and return with a vengeance in January to shift the weight they gained. In my experience, the weight people put on over the holidays takes a lot longer to come off than most people expect.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you avoid gaining weight during the holiday season:


1. Think before you drink!

Coffee shops all have new and exciting Xmas drinks! But not surprisingly a popular “Starbucks large toffee nut latte” for example has 400 kcals (about 20% of a recommend kcal daily intake for women).

What is worse is each drink contains 40g of sugar!!! That is roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar. You survived the whole year without one, do you really need one now? If you said “yes” shame on you!

Holidays are also a time of year when booze is cheap and now you have an excuse to drink hard and feel like crap the next day. You already know this, but not only does booze (wine, beer, cider and the bubbly stuff) have a significant amount of sugar, which goes straight to them hips, it also gives you the munchies and inhibits the absorption and usage of vital nutrients.


2. Just one more sprout please!

Protein and fibre both promote fullness which is a great way to stop overeating and devouring that tin of quality streets!

Great sources of protein are fish, red meat, chicken, turkey, nuts, dairy, beans.

  • Great sources of fibre are vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Eating protein and fibre with most meals will reduce overall calorie intake by reducing snacking and craving sweet foods.


3. You don't need to eat everything!

It’s also that time where portion control goes out of the window. Why do we feel the need to stack the plate with a bit of everything? If you feel like you have to stack the plate…..then get a smaller plate! Food is fuel, if you know you're not active use your best judgement...forget the dessert or eat less of the carbs.