Gymnastics Fundamentals Open Morning

Sunday 25th March between 9am - 11am

We are having a FREE Fundamentals open morning on Sunday 25th March.

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics gives children steps, leaps and jumps towards a healthy lifestyle. At school, they learn essential mental skills like literacy and numeracy. Through gymnastics, they’ll develop equally important physical skills. So whatever activities they take up later in life, from dance to rugby, they’ll be fitter, faster, stronger, more confident and coordinated. They’ll also develop important social skills like teamwork, confidence, trust and taking turns.

What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals is a programme designed and developed by British Gymnastics in conjunction with early years specialists to help younger children from toddler to 5 years to acquire essential physical, social and emotional life skills.

Where can it lead?

Wherever your child wants it to. Hundreds of thousands of children take part in gymnastics classes every week. Some do it just for fun while others choose to compete at club, national or even international level. Some move their interest to other sports while others keep enjoying gymnastics well into their teens, twenties and adult life.

Who runs our classes?

To make sure your child is learning in the safest and most professional environment, all our coaches are qualified by the sports national governing body, British Gymnastics.

What kit will my child need?

Simply a t-shirt, shorts, a water bottle and… that’s it! For safety reasons, any jewellery will need to be removed before the session.

What time?

9.00am - 11.00am 

Do I need to book?

No need to book, simply turn up and join in, however please can we ask you to register your interest in the FREE event here: 

Register your interest here