Take the plunge at Ferndown

Feeling Great

Take the plunge at Ferndown

If the gym isn't your thing or you'd like to keep your exercise varied why not try swimming? Swimming is one of the few sports that can be called truly inclusive. 

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Zoggs to give you a few reasons for giving swimming ago…

Full Body Workout
Swimming is a great all round activity; working your arms, legs, core and your cardio vascular system. It can help boost your immune system and also increase your energy levels whilst reducing stress. So whether you want to splash about with the kids or just swim lengths then give it a go!

Don’t be shy
One of people’s biggest fears about going for a swim is that they have to get changed into their swimming cozzies. To help you look and feel your best Zoggs offer a wide range of swimming costumes in our Swimshapes range to help flatter, enhance and support. Girls, don’t forget to check out our Zoggs swim wear range and check out our NEW Venus googles especially designed for women’s faces.

Making new habits
Try to get into a routine and set aside time to make swimming a regular activity. A swim membership can be a cost effective way of working out, saving you money and encouraging you to swim more. 

Learning new tricks
Learning to swim is a great experience for everyone and through increased knowledge you will not only learn a lifesaving skill but also be able to enjoy an activity throughout your adult life that will be invaluable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Track your moves
Measure your swim 'moves' by downloading our NEW #PlacesLocker app. Moves are a measure of your daily physical activity. The more often and faster you move, the more you accumulate.

Rule the pool
If you want to make waves in the pool then you will love using SWIMTAG® which costs just £1 in addition to a pay-as-you-go swim session. It’s a great way to check your progress - simply, retrieve the band from reception, swim your lengths and your time will be posted to a leader board. 

Challenge yourself
If you love to set yourself fitness targets then swimming is the perfect sport for you! Use SWIMTAG® to enter a number of challenges or competitions.

From tracking your swim to competing in competitions, it's hard not to love a dip in the pool especially with SWIMTAG® and #PlacesLocker  app.  

To get into swimming call us now on 01202 877468.