Fleming Park Spring/Summer 2017 Swimming Newsletter

Whats new!

Fleming Park and Swimming Lessons a warm welcome to you.

For those of you who are not aware that the new leisure centre is well on its way to being built, the shell of the building is nearly complete and the interior of the building is beginning to take shape.

All updates on how the new centre is progressing is shown on the TV in the main entrance and also at the top of the stair case with regular updates on the notice board also placed at the top of the stair on the first floor.

Criteria required before moving from one stage to the next

Each stage that your child progresses to in our swimming lessons has particular criteria they have to complete before they are eligible to move to the next higher stage, this criteria is broken up into different elements for that stage. A child has to be marked off as GOOD before they are considered to be ready to move to the higher stage; this must be technically good for a consecutive number of weeks which will be determined by the instructor. When a child has reached a GOOD in all the elements this will show 100% complete. This is however only one aspect that the swim instructor has to take into account. Another is that the instructor has to determine if a child will they be able to cope with the work load expected of them in the higher group, even when all elements have been completed, if a child is quite young and hasn’t got the strength to cope with the extra distances or to be able to keep up with the group, a swim instructor will keep them back until they are at a point they have the stamina and strength to cope in the higher group.

Though a child might be technically superior to some of the children in the higher group, those that are in the higher group may be stronger, bigger and faster. It is better to keep a child in a slightly lower group especially in our Stage 7, Bronze, Silver & Gold groups until they are able to cope with the work load that is expected of a child in a particular group.

Our aim in Fleming Park is to help everyone to learn to swim to their best ability and help them further their swimming and if they move on to a swimming club and compete in competitions (you are never to old) and to be a future Gold medallist in the Olympics or just swim for fitness into their adult life, then we have done the job what you have asked us as swim instructors to do.

Home Portal

To be able to monitor how your child/children are doing in their swimming lessons you need to register via the Place for People Leisure, Fleming Park Leisure Centre Website. Once you are on the homepage you will see an orange bar with sub headings if you click on the swimming sub-heading (if using a phone or I-pad to log on click on the 3 bars then you will see the sub-headings), scroll down the page until you see an orange button which says 'Learn to Swim', scroll down this page until you see another orange button which says ' sign in/register' click this and this takes you to the Home-portal homepage, press the register button, you will then need to enter the Parent/Guardian number which was given to you when you enrolled your child/children. If you have misplaced this number contact Andy or Di or Lorraine in the Swim Office who will glad help. Once you have registered you will be able to follow the progress of your child/children, you will also be able to move them once they have completed the stage they are presently in. (Once all the moves that have reflected on the computer in the Swim Office Andy will be able to release them so you can carry out the move at home without calling the swim office this usually will be after 1200 the following day or on the Monday following the previous Friday) All side ways movements still have to go through the Swim Office. (Please be aware this will not be the case when annual leave is taken by Andy).

 If your child/children have completed the stage they are in you will be able to move them via the home portal by logging into Fleming Park Leisure Centre website and clicking the ‘Track Course Progress’ button as explained above. This will mean you will have to keep an eye on the availability on line so once there is a space you will be able to carry out the move, note the oneness is now on you as a Parent/Guardian to move your child when they have completed a stage, the exception to this is if you do not have access to a computer. If you are having trouble to move your child because you are unable to see the information that is needed to move then call the office and we will be happy to help you through the process.

For those who want a sideways move to a different day and time; you will have to call the swim office to arrange for the actions to be carried out so you can move your child via the home portal so you can see when a space becomes available on the day and at a time you wish, this may be straight away or you may have to wait and keep with the time and day you have at that time.


 Changed any details


If you have changed any details since you first enrolled your child/children Please remember to notify the swim office so we can update any new details, this is important for a couple of reasons, if we need to contact your regarding to pool closures or cancelled lesson we need your correct details, also to be able to continue to follow your child’s progression we need your current e-mail address, correct home/mobile number and home address if you have recently moved. This information is also required to register on the home portal to follow the progress of your child/children.  


Success is achieved by consistent attendance and ensuring your child arrives on poolside on time and ready to learn. For any physical activity there is an introductory activity or warm up at the beginning of the lesson there could be a risk of injury if the warm up is missed. It is also distracting for the teachers when children arrive late for the lesson. Please note that every child learns how to swim and pick up the skills required to move to the next level at varying time scales, some may be in a class for only a few months and others can take a lot longer this is natural, we only place children into the next stage when they will be able to cope with the work load that is expected of them. When a child has been moved up and there isn’t room in the next class that you want, you can either move to another day and time until the day and time you wish becomes available or you can keep your child in the same class wearing the new coloured swim hat. No matter which decision you make your child will still be making progress and getting stronger and technique improving all the time.

Parent & Baby, Parent & Toddler and Pre-school

 The number of weeks that will be running for the Parent & Baby, Parent & Toddler and Pre-school classes in 2017 is 39 out of the 50 weeks, there are 11 weeks in 2016 that we do not run these classes as this is when the schools close for end of term or the summer. The Direct Debit payment has been worked out as for the number of weeks that the lessons run for i.e. 39 weeks until the end of the year but divided by the number of months in the year (12 months from 1 January – 31 Dec), the DD payment will still be collected on the 1st of the month. You will not have to rebook each term if you are staying in the same class with your child.

For those children who have reached the following milestones:

A child who has reach 18 months in the Adult and Baby class you will at this point be able to move to the Adult and Toddler classes, this you will need to contact the Swim office to carry out the move if there is a space in one of the classes.

A child who has reach 3 years in the Adult and Toddler class you will be able to move to one of the Pre-school classes if there are spaces available, gain you will need to contact the swim office to do this.

A child who will be going to school in the September you will receive a letter in the next couple of weeks explaining when you will be able to move your child to our after school lessons.


One way to ensure your child gets the best from their lesson is to wear appropriate swimwear. Girls should wear a one piece swimming costume and boys should wear swimming trunks. Long shorts over knee length are not permitted. Rash vests, sun suits and Bermuda Style shorts are not appropriate swimwear for Swimming Lessons

Swim Hats are being worn at all time during all children’s swimming lessons these include crash course and evening and weekend lessons but not Pre-school. The logos should be positioned on either side of the head with the rim from front to back. The best way to keep the hat from sticking together is to place the hat once you have dried it with a towel and place in a plastic bag with talcum powder this makes it easier to fit and should last for the period of the child in each stage. If you do not have a hat please purchase one from reception before your child enters poolside. The teachers will not allow swimmers to enter lessons without their hat.

Swimming Googles Should they or shouldn’t they wear them for swimming lessons? There are pro’s and cons. For safety reasons children should learn to swim without goggles, if they fell in a river or pond they are unlikely to be wearing goggles. However goggles do help if your child is reluctant to put their face in the water and also aid them to swim in a straight line (in theory!) Goggles should be of good quality and should not leak. The teachers seem to spend a lot of time during lessons adjusting goggles.

Changing cubicles

DO NOT LEAVE CLOTHES IN CHANGING CUBICLES OR VALUABLES UNATTENDED. Lockers are provided for all belongings. We reserve the right to remove any clothing left in cubicles and if so it will be logged at reception as lost property.


Through care policy

For the children in the teaching pool we adopt a through care policy designed to ensure your child is safe whilst in our care. To ensure the success of this policy please arrive at the entrance to the teaching pool for stages 1 – 3 main poolside 5 minutes before your lesson start time. Wait with your child until they are collected by a member of our staff. DO NOT send your child through to the teaching pool unaccompanied. At the end of the lesson please collect your child from the same point children will not be released into the changing rooms unless a responsible adult is there to collect the children at the end of the lesson.

If you are late for your lesson and the class has gone then go to the door leading onto poolside and wait until someone is able to let you in.

After the lesson please wait at the control point. One of our staff members will release your child directly to you so it would help to acknowledge your presence to the staff member.If you are late then the child will be kept on poolside and will stay with one of our staff until you have arrived to collect them, you will need to go to the door leading to the teaching pool and wait for someone to release your child.


Cancellation of the swimming lessons

Direct debit payers are subject to a notice period which must be observed when cancelling your lessons whether your child is attending lessons or not. Please write to the Course Co-ordinator to inform us of your wish to cancel your swimming lessons. If a letter/e-mail is received up to and including the 15th of the month the last payment will have been paid and the lessons will finish at the end of that month. If the letter/email is received after the 15th of the month the last payment will be on the 1st of the following month and the lessons will finish at the end of that month.

Crash Courses

During all School holidays (with the exception of Christmas and New Year), we run intensive swimming crash course for children in our Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 with the addition of Stage 6 & 7 and occasionally starts and turns, these are a great way for children to improve on the areas that they are struggling with in their weekly lessons, as these are every day for the duration of the school holidays for 30 minutes. For times and what classes are being held you will need to contact the reception for times and prices.

Adult Lessons

Are your children better swimmers than you are now? Join our adult swimming lessons. Classes range from complete non swimmers through to those wishing to train for fitness or events such as triathlons. These are held every Thursday evening the cost is £32.30 per month for a 45 minute lesson and unlimited free swimming in All Welcome and Lane Swimming sessions.

We also have a 30 minute class for beginners on Fridays the cost is £27, if you are interested please contact the reception for a Data Base form which is used to be added to the waiting list for new members, or call the Swim Office for more details.

Do feel that you could teach children to swim then why not become a Swim Teacher

www.theiosonline.com for details of upcoming courses to qualify as a teacher

Please note that if you wish to ask anything with regards to your child’s swimming please contact Andy the swimming lessons co-ordinator who will be happy to answer your questions. Andy runs an open door policy so if you see he is in the Office and you would like to ask him any questions please do not hesitate to go and speak to him, you will usually find him at his desk at the following times:

Mon 12:00 – 3:30

Tue 12:00 – 5:30

Wed 12:00 – 3:30

Thu 12:00 – 5:30

Fri 11:00 – 2:30