Are you up for the Challenge?

New Squash Ladders starting soon

A new Squash Ladder is starting at Glossop Leisure Centre. These are a great way to add an extra competitive edge to your game or to just get out there and play new players.

The Ladder works by players challenging anyone on the ladder, if you win you take their place, if you loose you stay where you are.

If you're interested in joining the ladder, put you name down on the squash board outside the courts or complete the enquiries form


Squash Ladder Rules

 Challenging Other Players / Moving up the Rankings

  1. Players may challenge any Higher Ranked player for a Ladder Match
  2. It is the responsibility of the Lower Ranked players to organise matches with higher ranked players.
  3. When a Higher Ranked player beats a Lower Ranked Challenger, Rankings Remain the Same
  4. When a Lower Ranked player beats a Higher Ranked Player, the lower ranked player will take the place of the Higher. The Higher Ranked Player will drop 1 Position

 Recording Results

  1. The Challenger should record the result of the match.
  2. Results should be entered immediately following the game.
  3. The player recording the result must include both players names and scores and the day it was played on, in the table provided.
  4. If a player does not turn up to a fixture or is more than 10 minutes late, the challenger can claim a win, and will take the place of the higher ranked player.
  5. If a player declines a fixture more than twice the challenger can claim a win

Updating the Ladder Rankings

  1. The Rankings will be updated Weekly.
  2. The Ladder may be update more frequently than weekly if the organisers deems it necessary
  3. The Ladder will be displayed in the squash notice board at Glossop Leisure Centre
  4. The Ladder Rankings will be Emailed to all players who have provided their email address

 New Players Joining the Ladder

  1. New players do not need to wait to be officially included in the ladder. New Player MUST record on the appropriate place on the ladder their contact details. Once New Player details have been included on the sheet, New Players can start to challenge ranked players
  2. New players can challenge any ranked player on the Ladder
  3. A New player will only become ranked when they beat a ranked player.

 General Rules Of Play

  1. Matches are best of 5 games
  2. The Scoring method to be use Should be agreed by both players before the game
  3. Matches must be played with a double yellow dot ball.
  4. All games are to be played at Glossop Leisure Centre
  5. Be Competitive! However remember to be sporting and fair, foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated!
  6. Any queries ask a member of staff.