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“Improving health, wellness and vitality”

The health revolution is at Graves

Places Wellness is a bespoke membership package aimed at improving your health, wellness and vitality.  


Milon Circle - Equipment that personalise to you

Make fitness personal with our innovative Milon Circle equipment.

Milon Circle is a revolutionary piece of equipment that is widely in use across Europe but unheard of in the UK. In our Places Wellness Studio, you will find the equipment in a circle, this is to give the user all the exercise they need in just 35 minutes a session.

You will have your own personal card to swipe on each machine, this will then track your details and personalise the workout to you. This will provide a unique training experience that will give you the results you want. The equipment is faster, more varied, easier, safer and much more effective than normal gym equipment.

The benefits of the Places Wellness membership:

Results - See weight loss, improved health and strength in less time

Faster – The entire session only takes 35 minutes. 6 workout every month is all you need to see results.

Varied – You only spend between 1-4 minutes on each machine, no time to get bored.  

Social – An environment for you to enjoy and meet new friends.

Personal - Equipment personalised to you…ensuring safe and efficient exercise.

Support - Dedicated Milon coaches on hand to support you

Easy – All machines adjust to individual user setting in a fraction of a second with a swipe of a personal card – no more manual adjustment.


Try the membership for FREE!
We want everyone to try the Places Wellness experience and start making health personal.So, we are offering all memberships FREE in December 2017.

To claim your FREE membership, talk to reception or give us a call on;

0114 283 9900

Make a change, make it personal!