Development Update

Keep up to date with the development works

Loughton Leisure Centre – Development

Loughton Leisure Centre is undergoing major development works as part of the £13.4 million improvement project for Epping’s Sports & Leisure Centres.

Here we will keep you up to date on everything that is happening on site up until the official opening in summer 2018.

What you can look forward to:
  • All new 2 storey 150 station gym area (including a virtual cycling studio)
  • 2 new workout studios
  • Up-graded wet and dry changing facilities
Programme of works:

To give you an idea of the programme here is a brief description of the works.

  • The current part of the gym where the resistance equipment is located has been converted to a group workout studio. The new entrance is located where the café used to be situated.
  • The part of the gym area has been reconfigured and will form the main gym during the refurbishment works.
  • The Octagon and existing Studio has been demolished to make way for your all new 2 storey gym.
  • Once the new gym is complete the existing gym will be refurbished into the second group workout studio.     
  • A complete re-modelling and overhaul of the ‘wet’ side changing village to include new lockers, cubicles as well as improvements for customers with disabilities. This will be a 12 week phased project to allow the pool to remain open whilst the works are completed. Works are well underway.
Key Information/Dates
The estimated completion date of the works is 18th August 2018

The temporary gym for the duration of the works is open. We have tried to include as much equipment as possible and have ensured that there is a good balance of cardio, strength and functional kit to ensure you can make the most of your workouts during this time.

The temporary studio is now open and the timetable includes a wide range of exercise classes as well as indoor cycling.  In addition to the classes in our new studio, we are running workout classes at St Marys Church Hall on a Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Saturday morning to reduce disruption to your class timetable.

Refurbishment has commence on the wetside changing rooms.  The estimated duration of the works will be 12 weeks with a completion date of July/early August 2018. 

We will be having some overnight works early June 2018 in the gym to install a new air circulation system which will ensure the gym is cool and fresh whilst you are having your workout. We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the current system not working to full capacity.


  • 13th – 15th August: Installation of gym equipment
  • 16th August: Tours of the Facility
  • 17th August: Tours of the facility
  • 18th August: Opening of gym
  • 9th September: Official opening
Works completed so far:

We have just installed Swim Tag technology in the pool so you can track your swim.  Count lengths, calories burned, lap times and more with the Swim Tag band.  Read more about Swim Tag.

We have been working hard to reduce our impact on the environment and have recently spent £25,000 on installing new pool covers.

In addition we are soon to be installing new LED lighting thorough the centre to reduce carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

A sneak peak at what you can expect from your new facility

 Below are some indicative images of how this new state of the art facility will look.