No Joining Fee on our Swim Only Membership

Six great reasons to make a splash this winter!

1.It’s all-inclusive – swimming is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, weight and fitness.

2.It’ll make you fitter and healthier – swimming is great all round exercise. It burns calories, builds muscle, increases stamina.
3.You can challenge yourself – set some targets and track your swims with SWIMTAG (free for members).

4.You’ll get better at other sports – Adding swimming to your fitness regime will improve your overall fitness and performance.

5.It’ll reduce your stress – swimming boosts endorphins, which help you feel happier and more relaxed.

6.It’s cost-effective - there’s NO JOINING FEE on our swim-only memberships until March, so you just pay the monthly price of £23

Terms & Conditions apply.

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