Soccer Sixes are coming to Meadowside!

Join us for a kickabout- all new Soccer Sixes league on Sunday evenings at Meadowside.

Soccersixes are starting a BRAND NEW league in Whiteley on Sunday evenings at Meadowside Leisure Centre and are looking for new teams to join the BIGGEST and BEST league!
- It's FREE to enter your team
- Unlimited squad throughout season
- You will play one 30 minute match each week
- Your matches will be between 6:00pm - 7:00pm
- You can have up to 9 players on the night
- Roll on roll off subs
- Qualified referees to officiate the games
- All equipment provided, bibs, footballs etc
Sign up here or contact Corey on 07983812135 for more information.
men playing football/soccer