Current Job Vacancies

Would you be interested in a role working with children? Look no further!

Would you like to work in a fun, fast paced environment of Children's activities in the Leisure industry?

We are looking to fill the following vacancies here at Middleton Pool and Fitness!
Junior Activities Assistant

We will be looking to run 2 sessions a week which will be held on a Wednesday and Friday from 09:30 – 11:30. Within this role you will be responsible for supervising the bouncy castle and ensuring everyone is in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. You will be talking to the parents/guardians ensuring they are having a good experience. As well as session setting and packing up each session.

There will be tea and coffee available to all parents/guardians in the kitchen area. However they will able to help themselves to these refreshments throughout the session. We are looking to launch this exciting new activity in February.

Party Leader

You will be in charge of promoting, improving and selling the party options available to the public. We will be looking to run 3 parties on both Saturday and Sunday so this will be a total of 6 parties a week which will be depending on customer books which you will need to promote.

Each party will include an hour party time and a 45min break time. The parties will be for children under the age of 5. You will be the lead role in ensuring children are having fun by getting involved in the activities, games and parties. Making sure the parties run smoothly and feel warm and welcoming as well as enjoyable will also be a key role and focus of the job.

Holiday Camp Leader

You will be running a holiday style scheme which we will be looking to implement during all school holidays starting in December. You will be supervising the children as well as keeping them engaged and entertained through a selection of activities. This is a part time role which will be done during all school holidays. 

If you think you might be interested in any of the roles above, or would like more information, please email your CV to