Moorfoot Place - Closing 30th June

Important Customer Notice

Dear Member,

Places for People Activity Programme – Important Update

Following a review of the operations of the Places for People Employee Health and Wellbeing Programme (within the Employee Health and Wellbeing Space at Moorfoot), it is with regret that Places for People have taken the difficult decision to not renew the current agreement after this finishes on 30 June 2018. Therefore, the programme of organised activity within the space will cease after this date.

Thank you to those of you who have come along to sessions within the space and to a number of dedicated employees and ambassadors who have worked hard to try to raise attendance. However, there simply has not been enough people accessing the programme for it to be sustained in this way; the low participant numbers meaning the scheme in its current format is not financially viable.

This decision has not been taken lightly by Places for People, and we thank them for their investment and time over the last year. 

Interim Arrangements for Employee Health and Wellbeing Space

We know for a number of you who do regularly use the space, it is a really important part of your working day and week and you will be understandably disappointed by this news. Therefore, although the sessions within the space will stop at the end of June 2018, in the interim while we consider alternatives, the Employee Health and Wellbeing Space will still be open to all employees wanting to go in and use it independently.

It will be open between the hours of 7.00 am and 6.00 pm and you will need to go to reception to ask for the door access code. There will be equipment available within the space for you to use including; free weights, mats, kettle bells, step boxes and exercise balls. The space is yours to use however you choose, so on your own or with colleagues just please note that this is unsupervised and all activity is undertaken at your own risk.

The Employee Health and Wellbeing Space – Going Forwards

We are keen to work with employees to consider alternative options for the space going forward, with you either as an active employee or someone who has never set foot within the space.

We will run a series of focus groups to look at this, so if you are interested in being involved in these discussions, please get in touch with the Physical Activity and Sports Team on 273 4266 or email who will book you on to a focus group.

Membership and/or Payment Queries

If you have any questions relating to your current membership or payment schedules, please direct these to Ben Compai at Places for People,

SCC will be providing further information regarding their plans for the service but please do continue to utilise your 20% staff discount on memberships at our 3 facilities in the City, Graves Health and Sports Centre, Thorncliffe Health and Leisure Centre and Wisewood Sports Centre.

Thank you

Jo Pearce

Head of Physical Activity and Sport

Ben Compai

Places for People Leisure