Bouncing, spinning and rolling

A bit about gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for all ages and our sessions are developed through our close links with British Gymnastics.  The skills you learn, such as strength, balance, co-ordination and mobility will help you to enjoy and master many other sports as well as gymnastics.

Is gymnastics the sport for you?

If tumbling, rolling and jumping is your thing, then gymnastics is for you. Our children's sessions are based on the 'FUNdamentals' of movement that will help them progress into any sport or activity so it's a great starting point for any child wanting to do any activity.  

Let's get you started

We run the following gymnastics courses:

Fundamentals (2-4Years)

Monday 12.30 & 1.30pm £50 for 10 week course

Gymnastics (4 years +)

Our "New Mills Gymnastics Club" operates under British Gymnastics leisure centre scheme and offers the core proficiency Stages 8-1, Bronze Silver and Gold awards.
Sessions take place on Mondays from 4.00-6.15pm and Saturdays 11.30-2.15pm. 

payments for weekly gymnastics courses......... up to and including 45weeks per year.

Taster sessions

Taster sessions are available for £4.00 on Mondays at 4.00pm and Saturday at 11.30am weekly. Book your space to be assessed to be offered a place in the appropriate stage.
Payments for weekly Gymnastics courses are by monthly direct debit.
£17.85 for 45 min sessions
£19.79 for 60 Minute sessions
£21.73 for 90 Minute sessions based on 45 weeks per year. 
Track your course progress via our online portal

If you or your child is interested in jumping into gymnastics please contact us on 01663 748842.



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