Swimtag Annual Distance Winner

Read how Howard achieved the Swimtag Award

Howard has swam the furthest distance within Parish Wharf this year, swimming a grand total of 347 Kilometers.

We met with him to ask him how he achieved such a great distance and here he explains in his own words.


"A few years ago at the tender age of 9 my next door neighbour, who ran a swimming club invited me to go with him on a Monday evening to learn to swim. This I did and 60 years later I still swim every day at Parish Wharf, and believe it or not, I have just won the longest swim for 2017, completing 347 Kilometres.  As a youngster other sports didn’t really fit with me but swimming did.

In my junior school I swam for the school and moving on to Secondary continued, also swimming for the Sea Scouts and my local Borough. After leaving school, Swimming didn’t rate to high on my interests, however years later I made sure my children learnt how to swim always trying to take them at weekends

For the last 30 years I have tried to swim most weekdays, my target being a mile each swim, sometimes a few more after losing count.

I would urge children to learn to swim and try and keep it up being a very beneficial sport for health and fitness. Swimming has kept me fit and youthful it is something everyone can do.

If you are interested in swimming or learning to swim go along to Parish Wharf where you find coaches ready to assist you as a beginner or regular swimmer."


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