New! Swimtag lane displays

Available from 1st July

New Swimtag lane displays are a great way to improve your SWIMTAG experience!

From 1st July The Triangle will have Swimtag lane counters available during fitness lane swimming sessions. The swimmer simply raises their band in front of a screen when they want to see their stats. They will show you

  • How many lengths you have swim
  • How far you have swum in real time
  • Great for pace setting

Challenge yourself with Swimtag!

What is Swimtag?

Swimtag is wearable tracking technology, like a FITBIT of swimming. Just wear it on your wrist while swimming to record all of your swims.

What does it measure?

With SWIMTAG, you’ll see things like:

  • How far you’ve swam
  • How many calories you’ve burned
  • Your stroke rate
  • How many minutes you swam for

SWIMTAG even knows what stroke you were swimming!


How do I use it?

Just pick one up from reception and when you’re done swimming, return the SWIMTAG to its dock. Your data will upload to the SWIMTAG website, where you can access it by registering.

Swimtag is FREE for members and only £1 per use for non members.