3 Month Membership Promotion

1st until 31st October 2017

We all know it can be really hard to fit exercise into an already busy week, so we'd like to help you to move more and stay active with our amazing 3 month membership promotions!

This month you can save money, get unlimited use of the centre including two weeks online booking for classes by joining us on a three month Premium membership for just £79!

Unlimited use of the centre a little too much? Don't fear, we have a three month swim membership also available this month for those of you that just enjoy swimming along for just £50!

Don't worry about counting your lengths or wondering about how far you've swam, get free usage of our swimtags that allow you to keep track and improve your swimming.  To view our swimming timetable here

Plus stay motivated by downloading our #placeslocker app. Track your moves, challenge your friends and get great workouts recommended to you. See if you can get to the top of our moves leader board!

 Give us a call to get started today on 01692 409370.

Terms and conditions apply. Membership offer only available until 31st October 2017. Offers and facilities vary between Centres.