Julia swims the channel to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK

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Julia swims the channel to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK

17th March - Julia 

So....the plan is to swim 22 miles or 1416 lengths of my local pool in two or three sessions every week, for as long as it takes...but to finish by no later than mid July! Once I start I will keep doing sessions every week of at least 50 lengths and hope to improve and speed up as I progress. It is a slow and steady marathon and not a timed sprint. The important thing is I WILL finish it and together we will raise a heap of money to fight a really horrible disease. Thank you - I will post updates and possibly some dull pictures!

20th March - Julia

Thanks to really positive support from Wath Leisure Centre (People and Places) I am all set to start the challenge on 31 March! I have my finger counter and Swimtag set up - which will apparently show me progressing across the virtual English Channel -yikes! Getting excited and ready for the challenge....

31st March - Julia 

Two warm-up half hour-ish swims done and all good - not quite as unfit as I feared! 60 lengths accomplished so on target for 40-50 in an hour each session which is a start. Aiming for 65 - a mile - by the end! Finger counter working - thanks Tom for that tip! - so all set to start over the weekend. La belle France - j'arrive (virtually!) ... and pancreatic cancer, you will be defeated!

2nd April - Julia 

3pm 2 April - lovely empty pool so off I went! Completely surprised myself by cracking 50 lengths in 45 minutes, so cooled down with an extra 6! That just leaves 1,360 to go! Really good start but know not every session will be as quiet or as productive....but we have left England at last! A huge Thank you to all who have donated before I had even set foot in the water - another great start too! Here's to cracking both distance and money targets substantially!

13th April - Julia

Nearly two weeks into the challenge and it's going well! A HUGE thank you to all those who have donated as I am at 50% of my target - amazing! I'm 5.65 Km out into the Channel, doing over 50 lengths each session. Still pretty steady but think I can feel slight improvements in stamina starting, so hope to up the number gradually. Your support and donations are my motivation - thank you - and I hope by the time I finish I will also have positive news about my work colleague who I know is recuperating after an initial op - fingers crossed!

17th April - Julia 

A quiet Easter break but one swim done and a good 60 under the belt - it is getting just that bit easier and slightly faster! Just over 7k completed - this is the Swimtag image of my challenge which is a little behind the actual distance covered ....I forgot to wear it once and it didn't log my first swim either! Still, quite fun to see progress across the sea!

24th April - Julia 

Good sessions done this weekend - my first mile in one go cracked! 65 lengths in 53 minutes and then 5 more to make a round 70 - really chuffed! Pool lovely and quiet, sun streaming in and no time pressure so just plugged away - it's surprising what you can do! Another 60 today and I am at a small target - 1,000 lengths to go. That means I have done 416 so far or 6.71 miles/10.32Km - not bad in three weeks really. I am a little surprised at how well I am doing! Please keep donating - every length means a lot and every pound even more.

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