Deafblind Trampolining Inspires All

Inspiration; the excitement of seeing someone achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle. This is something that we have been witnessing recently here at the centre. Helene is deafblind, and has always had a passion for Trampolining, something that she had not been able to do for over 2 years. This all changed when Ruth Bennett-Anderson, Community Support Service Manager of SENSE approached our staff. In October 2016 Helene was able to begin Trampolining again.

Since then Helene has not only improved her ability to complete moves and routines on the trampoline, but has formed a friendship with her instructor Sarah. Sarah has taken the time to learn how to tactile sign with Helene so that they can communicate effectively and make their lessons more productive and engaging.

Ruth Bennett Anderson said “Helene has struggled to find a trampoline club or leisure centre that would teach her for over 2 years. It has been so frustrating for her and now to see how well she is doing with Sarah is fantastic. The fact that Sarah has been willing to learn how to tactile sign to communicate with Helene has demonstrated West Bromwich Leisure Centre’s commitment to inclusion.”

We are extremely proud of both Helene’s achievement and Sarah’s commitment to go the extra mile for our customers and look forward to seeing more of this exciting work in the future.