Shake up your workout this Summer

The 5 week shake up is back!

Starting Friday 8th September until 6th October 6pm - 7pm

The 5 week shake up is a weekly ladies only session lead by Personal Trainer Aimee. There will be a maximum of five ladies per group allowing you to get personalised fitness advise from a trained fitness professional while having the social support from the other participants to work hard and have fun. 

These sessions will push you to the next level of strength and fitness while showing you what your capable of. You will learn how to maximise your workouts using more the the gym equipment efficiently meaning you never get board in the gym again. 

These sessions are ideal if you have been training for a while but now have the confidence and fitness levels to try new things and push yourself a bit harder. 

You will get:

  • Five, full body, weekly fitness sessions led by Aimee.
  • Online support from Aimee outside of the sessions to ask questions or get personalised​ advice.
  • Increased confidence in using different areas and equipment in the gym.
  • New exercises and workout ideas to use in your own sessions 

Limited spaces available, book now to secure your place 0114 233 5457. Please make sure you can attend all 5 sessions as you will not be able to carry sessions over. 

Members £75

Non members £90

Contact Aimee for more information and to secure your place