We’re delighted to announce that in partnership with Technogym, we present our new Places Locker App.


Inside your Places Locker 

Places Locker let’s you:


Book Your Classes

Book and check availability of your favourite classes and courts – all on the move.


Measure Your Moves

Measure your ‘Moves’. Moves are a measure of your daily physical activity. The more often and faster you move, the more you accumulate.


Pair outdoor apps and wearables

Bring together your centre activities with your outdoor activities to build moves. Places Locker will synchronise with other applications such as Apple Health, Swimtag, Strava, MapmyRun and Garmin as well as working with popular wearables such as Fitbit.


Compete in Challenges

With regular challenges available you can compete with other Places Lockers users.


View our extensive Exercise Library

With over 2000 different exercises, Places Locker knows the equipment available at your preferred Places for People leisure centre, and will tailor your workout to suit.


How does it work

Places Locker works best when personalised to your membership and centre - and the great news is - we do all of this for you. If you are an existing Places for People member, you will already have received an email from mywellness.com with your registration details.

Simply use the link within their email to register, and then search “Places Locker” in your app store.

Not a member? No problem! take a look at our new free Places Membership.


Places Membership (Free)

Perfect for our occasional visitors, or those of you new to activity – use the facility on a pay as you visit basis. You qualify for 7 day advanced booking rights to classes  and also full access to our Places locker app (book classes, enter challenges, track your moves and view our extensive exercise library).

Available at all sites, and it’s really easy to upgrade to our other memberships when you are ready to visit more. 

Come and visit us at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre and ask a member of our team about our Places Membership to get started.You will then be sent an email from wellness.com, confirming your account for use with Places Locker.  

Then visit your app store and search Places Locker to download. 

Enter your personal details to sign in. You can then use Places Locker to track your MOVES, pair your wearables, create a workout, or even book classes on the move. 


Available on Android and iOS